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80129-0020 - Two Japanese Women at a Kotatsu

Women at Kotatsu

Artist Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Medium Albumen Print
Period Meiji
Location Studio
Image No. 80129-0020
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Two women are sitting at a kotatsu, a low, wooden table with a heat source covered by a futon.

One of the women is reading. Next to her is an andon lamp.

It looks really cozy. You can imagine it is a cold day and that there is a little kitten all curled up under the table in the warm comfort of the heater.


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Duits, Kjeld (). 1890s: Women at Kotatsu, OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN. Retrieved on May 26, 2022 (GMT) from

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I sat in a home in Uwajima during the winter that had one of these. Very warm and comfortable. We just sat around and talked.



They truly are wonderful, aren’t they? I would love to move out of my modern apartment into a traditional home, cold, drafty and all, just to enjoy the coziness of the kotatsu.