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80129-0023 - Two Japanese women on the road, 1890s

Women in Travel Wear

Artist Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Medium Albumen Print
Period Meiji
Location Studio
Image No. 80129-0023
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A studio photo of two women dressed up for travel.

They are holding canes and have towels wrapped around their head. Their kimonos are tied up for easier movement.

The photographer has made sure that nobody can doubt the country: his backdrop shows Mount Fuji.


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Reference for Citations

Duits, Kjeld (). 1890s: Women in Travel Wear, OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN. Retrieved on June 3, 2023 (GMT) from

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Thanks a lot for the nice words, Ruben. I love your photos, you have a very original eye.


Great picture. Is this really an old picture? It looks like a modern picture taken on an old background.



Japanese Words, lots of photographers in the 19th century used elaborate studio settings to create the “authentic” Japanese scenes that foreign tourists were looking for to purchase as souvenirs. They often used geisha and maiko as models.