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80121-0003 - Extensive Private Garden, Pool of Water, bridge, Pagoda, Flowers and Trees in Tokyo, 1924

Tokyo 1924
Japanese Garden

Artist Unknown
Publisher New York State Education Department
Medium Glass Slide
Period Taisho
Location Tokyo
Image No. 80121-0003
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A very large private garden in Tokyo, featuring a pond, a stone bridge and an exotic looking building.

This is the private garden of Japanese businessman Sōichirō Asano (浅野 総一郎, 1848–1930) in Tokyo’s Shiba-Tamachi (芝田町), photographed in 1924 (Showa 13). The garden featured a pond, a stone bridge and buildings based on Nara Period architecture.

Located in Shiba, near Mita (三田), the Shiba-Tamachi area name vanished when the 23 wards were restructured in 1947 (Showa 22).

Asano founded many companies that are still active today, such as Sapporo Breweries, Toa Construction Corporation, Oki Electric Industry, and Taiheiyo Cement (formerly Asano Cement). At the end of WWII, the zaibatsu that he created was Japan’s fifth largest (after Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Sumitomo).

This glass slide is one of a series of slides of Japan that was used by the New York State Education Department to teach students about Japan.


1 I was able to identify this location using the image of Asano’s garden in Scenes of the Eastern Capital of Japan by K. Ogawa (東京風景, Meiji 44), pp. 96.


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Reference for Citations

Duits, Kjeld (). Tokyo 1924: Japanese Garden, OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN. Retrieved on April 12, 2024 (GMT) from

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Where is this? It is an amazing picture. The gardens and house look beautiful.

My guess is it is an old Feudal Domain residence.



It is somewhere in Tokyo. It doesn’t really look like what old feudal domain residences looked like, and it dates from 1924 when no feudal domain residences were left standing in Tokyo. It is more like the house of a rich merchant.