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70314-0024 - American Hatoba, Kobe, 1910s

Kobe 1910s
American Hatoba

Artist Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Medium Postcard
Period Meiji
Location Kobe
Image No. 70314-0024
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A view on American Hatoba as seen from Kaigandori. The sign on the building on the right says “baggage keeper.”

The road surface shows multiple tire grooves of jinrikisha (rickshaws), a silent witness of how busy the pier was.

For more information about American Hatoba and Kobe Harbor, see Kobe 1910s • Steam Launches.

Map of Kobe Port 1914
1914 (Taisho 3) Map of Kobe: 1. Motomachidori; 2. Sakaemachidori; 3. Sannomiya Station (currently Motomachi Station); 4. American Hatoba; 5. Oriental Hotel; 6. Kaigandori; 7. Customs House; 8. Higashi Yuenchi Park.
80724-0025 - Entrance to Meriken Park, Kobe
The same location in 2008 (Heisei 20).

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