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70124-0001 - Two Young Girls, Hanaya Kambei Studio, 1930s

Two Sisters

Artist Hanaya Kanbei
Publisher Hanaya Kanbei
Medium Gelatin Silver Print
Period Showa
Location Studio
Image No. 70124-0001
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Two sisters, a hand tinted Showa period photograph of the late 1930s from the famed Hanaya Kanbei Studio in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture.

These two cute girls are actually Hanaya Kanbei’s daughters.


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Duits, Kjeld (). 1930s: Two Sisters, OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN. Retrieved on May 26, 2022 (GMT) from

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Hi, I was wondering if there is a site where I can view photos of Ashiya City, Japan, from 1946 to 1955? Thank you.




There is more than one Ashiya in Japan, but I assume you mean Ashiya in Hyogo Prefecture. I have been unable to find any site focusing on old photos of Ashiya. A Google image search did dig up a few photos, but on disparate sites.