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shows photos of Japan between the 1860s and 1930s. In 1854, Japan opened its doors to the outside world for the first time in more than 200 years. It set in motion a truly astounding transformation. As fate would have it, photography had just been invented. As the old country vanished and a new one was born, daring photographers took photos. Discover what life was like with their rare and precious photographs of old Japan.
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The Adventure of Japanese Photography 1860 - 1890 • Philipp March, Claudia Delank
The Adventure of Japanese Photography 1860 - 1890

Some 90 old photographs of Japan by celebrated photographers like Felice Beato, Adolpho Farsari, Hikoma Ueno, Kimbei Kusakabe, Kihei Tamamura and Kazumasa Ogawa. A true treasure.

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1910s • Family in Formal Wear

Husband, Wife and Baby

Ceremonial Taisho era photo of a family in formal wear for family members’ fiftieth wedding anniversary (金婚記念, kinkon kinen). This photo comes from an album with 9 photographs. The accordion type album is covered in beautiful green textile stamped with golden characters that read kinkon kinen.

Kinkon Kinen - 50th Wedding Anniversary Japanese Family

On the first page is a photo of a text written in graceful calligraphy followed by a photograph of an elderly couple, very clearly the couple that is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. In the following pages are photographs of their children and grandchildren, including this one. Most probably each family shown in the photographs received one of these little albums.

An interesting detail is the subtitle printed below kinkon kinen. It reads Album of Turtle and Crane, expressing the family’s wish for a long life.

A charming window into this family’s celebration of an important event.

Photographer: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Medium: Silver Gelatin Print
Image Number 70126-0021

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Reference for Citations

Duits, K. (2008, April 21). 1910s • Family in Formal Wear, Old Photos of Japan. Retrieved on 2021, Dec 06 from https://www.oldphotosjapan.com/photos/161/family-in-formal-wear-01

Posted by • 2008-04-21
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