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Geta and Zori Shop

A small geta and zori shop. The shopkeeper is working on a geta while a customer is looking on. Shops like these were once everywhere in Japan.


The "Human Horses" of the Rickshaw

A rickshaw man getting a meal at a food stand. The rickshaw’s story is one of promise, romance, pain, and change. Did you know that the rickshaw contributed to Japan driving on the left side of the road?


Beauties of the Bath

Japan’s bathing culture is considered quintessentially Japanese. No guide book of Japan is complete without instructions on how to take a bath. A short history.


1863 Tokyo
Ruins of the American Legation

I almost sold this print because it seemed insignificant. Thankfully, a book by Dutch historian Herman J. Moeshart helped me realize it is an extremely rare and important historical document.


15 Years Old Photos of Japan

On 30 March 2007, exactly 15 years ago today, I posted the very first article on Old Photos of Japan.


How Radio Gymnastics Conquered Japan

Female students doing calisthenics in 1936 (Showa 11). Calisthenics became astonishingly popular in Japan after the radio program Rajio Taisō (ラジオ体操, Radio Gymnastics) was started in 1928 (Showa 3).